Los Angeles-based soul duo 500 Year Flood is all about creating a tangible vibe. With an intoxicating groove seasoned with effortless guitar lines and topped with laid-back, soulful vocals, you can’t help but bob your head to the beat.


500 Year Flood is native New Yorker and vocalist Kay-Kay Filizzola and Brazilian-born guitarist, producer, and sound engineer Fili Filizzola.


Kay-Kay’s and Fili’s worlds collided in 2013 while studying music at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. They didn’t know much about each other at the time. But they knew one thing: they liked their music to groove. 


After a brief stint in Brazil and a couple years in Denver, establishing their sound, 500 Year Flood made Los Angeles home base. 


500 Year Flood translates the human experience. The struggles of everyday life, falling in love, discovering the world around us, pushing past the fear of change — we all have a story to tell. 500 Year Flood tells these stories.

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